1Does your theme work on WordPress.com?
No. Webzakt themes are self hosted solutions, like all of the wordpress.org themes
2Do you make Customizations?
In some cases we customize our themes for clients. Write us an email with your site URL and the specific customizations you would like. We will evaluate and if it is possible send you a quote for the project.
3Do you give support for your themes?
You can write us an email anytime you want with a request. In most cases we can help. However, given the number of variables - hosting, plugins, etc. there is no guarantee we can resolve each issuse. The first place to troubleshoot is by reading the documentation but if it doesn’t help or you found a bug, get in touch!
4Do you offer installation support?
The documentation shows, how to install the theme. Beyond that it's is best to contact your host for help.
5Is buying a theme one time charge?
Yes. We charge for updates and support on a yearly basis but the theme is a one-time charge.
6Are the images from the demo included?
Evach theme includes the demo images, except Namaste theme. The themes use CCO images so you can re-use them if desired.
7When do I receive the theme?
You receive it immediately once the payment goes through the entire process via email. If you don’t get the email with the download link, please contact us.
8How can i pay for your themes?
You can pay with your credit card using the PayPal system.
9How can i update the Pro themes?
Your WordPress admin notify you when a new version is available. You can download the update from your Webzakt.com account. Read more about the update process here
10Do You have affiliate program?
Yes! The commison rate is 40%. Create an account on webzakt.com and manage Your incomes at the affiliate dasbord!


Do You need a theme, have a question or comment? Send a message with the contact form or use the support forum, and You will get the answer as soon as possible. You can also find informations about Webzakt themes in documentations section.

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