At Appearance > Customize You can customize Your site. The function requires the Unyson plugin.

Site Identity

Site Title: add the title of Your site.

Tagline: add a tagline for Your site.

Site Icon: the Site Icon is used as a browser and app icon for your site. Icons must be square, and at least 512px wide and tall.


Margin Top: Margin at the top of the box. (px)

Margin Bottom: Margin at the bottom of the box. (px)

Body Background Color: Pick a color for the background.

Body Background Image: Upload an image for the background.

Body Background Image Size

Body Background Image Repeat

Fixed Body Background Image

Enable Responsive: Enable the responsive behaviour of the theme.

Read More: Default "Read more" text on buttons.

Unique 404 Page: If You need unique design, select the 404 error page

Top Header

Allow Secondary Header: Display secondary header.

Allow On Small Screen.: Display top header under 991px.

Top header contents: Add the contents for the columns.


Default Blog Style: Select a style for blog loops.

Default Blog Layout: Select the layout for your blog loops.

Default Image for Post: Upload an image for the posts without featured image.

Post Infos: Display infos about the posts.

Allow for post types: Uncheck to disable for any type

Info Types: Select the info types for Single Posts.

Normal Blog Info Types: Select the info types for Normal Blog page template.


Social Sites: Add links and icons for Your social sites.

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