Hinduism is a religion, or a way of life, found most notably in India and Nepal. Although Hinduism contains a broad range of philosophies, it is a family of linked religious cultures bound by shared concepts, recognisable rituals, cosmology, shared textual resources, pilgrimage to sacred sites and the questioning of authority.

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Lakshmi (Sanskrit:लक्ष्मी, lakṣmī, ˈləkʂmiː) is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity (both material and spiritual). She is the wife and active energy of Lord Vishnu. Her four hands represent the four goals of human life considered important to the Hindu way of life – dharma, kāma, artha, and moksha. Representations of Lakshmi are […]

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Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports (also called action sports and adventurous sports) is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger.


Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain


Snowboarding is a recreational activity and Olympic and Paralympic sport.

Like some other winter sports, snowboarding comes with a certain level of risk.


Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities.

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