Palette Documentation for Version 1.0.0

Thank You for downloading Palette - Multipurpose WordPress Theme. Here You can find how to use the theme, but if you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help page, please feel free to use the related support forum. Questions related to the pro themes take priority. Do You miss an option from Your theme? Write it there, and You may find it in the next update. If You need special customization, i can solve that for extra fee. Read more about it at the FAQs page. Thanks so much!


1. Install WordPress on Your server
Before You add a theme, you have to install Wordpress. If You are not familiar to install Wordpress, follow the instructions in the Wordpress Codex: Installing Wordpress

2. Install Lakshmi Lite theme
Go to Appearance » Themes in WordPress admin. Click Add New and then Upload Theme. Select from Your computer and install the file or find it in the theme dictonary. After the installation completed, activate the theme.

3. Install the plugins and the extensions
Begin installing plugins. You can start it from the top bar or from Appearance » Install plugins menu.

3. Install the plugins and the extensions
Begin installing plugins. You can start it from the top bar or from Appearance » Install plugins menu. Select the plugins and install them.

4. Install Palette theme
Go to Appearance » Themes in WordPress admin. Click Add New and then Upload Theme. Select from Your computer and install the file. After the installation completed, activate the theme.

5. Install the demo content (optional)
Go to Tools » Demo Content Install in WordPress admin install the demo. Refresh the permalink structure at Settings » Permalinks in WordPress admin. You don't have to change anything, only click save. It will fix the 404 errors for the imported blog posts.

6. Have fun!
It is Your turn from this. Change the site options at the customizer, edit the sliders at Appearance » Sliders and use the page builder at the page editor.


For the best use, install all the 5 plugins.

  • Unyson: Framework (options, breadcrumbs, seo etc.)
  • Lakshmi Features: Plugin for the theme. (works only with Unyson)
  • Contact Form 7: Contact plugin

Read and learn more about the external plugins at the links.


One click Demo install

If you want to add demo content (posts,pages,menu...) to your site, use Unyson backup tool. In the WordPress admin area, click Tools > Demo Content Install. On this page, simply choose a premade layout and click on install.

Note: Installing this demo content will remove the content you currently have on your website.

To upload all the demo content properly, you should activate the theme and all recommended plugins before the install process.

In some cases You may have to update the permalink settings at Settings > Permalinks.

Unyson extensions settings

At Unyson page You can add some options to some of Your extensions


Add some default texts for the breadcrumbs.

Page Builder

Select the posts you want the Page Builder extension to be activated for.


Add Your analytics code here.

Above the Demo install

The One click Demo install process is make your site like in demo, but you can change some basic WordPress settings, if you need.

Reading settings

Navigate to Settings > Reading, and select front and posts pages. Read more at: Settings Reading Screen


Navigate to Settings > Permalinks, set the permalinks to whatever you would wish them to be. I recommend setting them to ‘post name’ as this can help boost SEO.


You can manage the menus at Appearance > Menus. At Edit Menus, You can create a new menu anytime You want. Read more at: WordPress Menu User Guide

Palette theme is competible with Unyson's Mega Menu extension. You can build mega menu easily with this feature.

Click to Play

View Unyson's Mega Menu extension in action in this video.


At Appearance > Widgets You can customize Your sidebar areas. If you installed Unyson Sidebars, You can create unlimited sidebars.

Unyson Sidebars

A useful module when, for example, you want to add more then one sidebar to a page, or different sidebars on different pages. This brings yet another layer of customization freedom to your website.

1. Go to Appearance > Widgets and find the sidebar manager on the lower right hand side of the page.

2. Lets add a new sidebar to a specific blog post. In order to do that, select the For Specific Pages tab.

3. Select Blog Post from the list and type to search the blog post you want to set a new sidebar for. You can add multiple posts if you want.

4. Create a new sidebar (or select an existing one from the list).

5. Press the Add Sidebar button in order to create your new sidebar.

6. Add widgets in your newly created sidebar by dragging & dropping the widget in the sidebar placeholder.

7. Done.

Click to Play

View Unyson's Sidebars extension in action in this video.


Unyson has a built in SEO Module. You have a lot of SEO settings without having to install further plugins.

Palette theme is competible with Unyson's SEO extension. You can set up Your site for search engines.

Click to Play

View Unyson's SEO extension in action in this video.


At Appearance > Customize You can customize Your site. The function requires the Unyson plugin.

Page Builder

Since Version 2.5 WordPress supports so called Shortcodes. They have been introduced for creating macros to be used in a post's content. Read more about Shortcodes at

With Unyson Page Builder You can use the shortcodes in a user friendly builder area. If You don't prefer the builder, use the shortcodes in the default editor. Palette comes with some unique elements.

Click to Play

View Unyson's Page Builder extension in action in this video.


I've used the following images, icons, fonts or other files as listed.

Bootstrap -
Copyright 2011-2015 Twitter, Inc.
Licensed under MIT (

Flexslider -
Copyright 2012 WooThemes
Licensed under GNU GPLv2 (

Font Awesome -
FontAwesome by Dave Gandy
Applies to all desktop and webfont files in the following directory: font-awesome/fonts/.
License: SIL OFL 1.1
Applies to all CSS and LESS files in the following directories: font-awesome/css/, font-awesome/less/, and font-awesome/scss/.
License: MIT License

prettyPhoto -
Copyright 2016 Stephane Caron
Licensed under GNU GPLv2 (

OwlCarousel -
Copyright 2013 Bartosz Wojciechowski
Licensed under MIT (

Nivo Slider -
Copyright 2012, Dev7studios
Licensed under MIT (

jQuery Directional Hover -
Copyright 2016 andeic
Licensed under MIT (

Google Fonts -
Licensed under Apache License Version 2 (

Unyson -
Copyright 2016 ThemeFuse
Licensed under GNU GPLv2 (

Once again, thank you so much for downloading this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the WordPress themes, you might consider visiting the forums on and asking your question.
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